If At First You Fall...

     Well the people at Renderotica pointed out some things in my images that they did not like, one was the "plastic" look of some of the figures, and after looking at them more critically I agree. I was a lot like one of those mothers that hears their kid play an instrument for the first time and was so proud of themselves for producing that kid they didn't realize that their kid sounded like shit. Now my images aren't shit but I was overlooking their flaws because I was comparing myself to the bottom rung of the ladder at Renderotica, I figured well this made it to publication and mine looks better than it so I should be able to get mine published. I overlooked that some people have more reputation than I do and they may produce a set that isn't up to their usual quality and they may get leniency, as a fresh artist there is no leniency. Instead of setting the bar low I should have done my best to make my work better than any of the art on Renderotica and sure I would have fallen short but I would have landed somewhere in the middle. In life I am normally a perfectionist but I often waste too much time picking at the details and I accomplish nothing in the end, I tried to resist that but instead wound up getting a little sloppy, this time I will find a middle ground. I will post some of the first images from my new set here to get feedback and hopefully someone will.   
Futanari Weight Loss Program

     Well I have finished my image set, I think. I'm gonna need to get feedback from the Renderotica people but I think my images are good. I try to compare my work to other artist's that they have published, and to my eyes my work is as good or better than what I have seen. My style is a little bit unconventional but I think it's a good thing.
     A little bit about my renders then, they are done in 1080 Full HD Iray and I hadn't really done any real lighting before now so that took a minute to figure out. I like how some other artists use dynamic shadows but I think that would be a bitch to get right for each individual render. I assume you have to tweak it for each pose and camera angle. I prefer a soft light that I can put into place once and only tweak a few times, that's why there are not many shadows in my renders. My next set has a summoning theme where the summoner gets more than she bargained for, I'm really geeked to try out some new environments I got recently. I'll keep you posted.
     I posted a link on my Patreon page where patrons can view the entire image set, if you want to see it before anyone else go on over and have a look.

Brief Reprieve From The Storm

     Well today I got my internet back on and I contacted someone at Renderotica about getting my first image set published, I sent an e-mail to Miro at Affect3d to see if they would publish it but they ignored both of my emails. They also ignored my attempts to do a banner exchange, but I figured that they weren't doing banner exchanges at the moment. A few of the links are dead so it could be an old list. But then I read that Miro's new project was not going to have futa in it, something about trying to attract straight males and women, I think it's gonna be kinda hard for him to top Girlfriends 4 ever.

When It Continues Raining

     Well I don't know what I did to piss of the gods, could have been blasphemy, but shit is really messed up here. I lost my power for 4 days and while that was out we lost internet as wee. So now I'm at the public library doing my best to not let a bunch of people see whats actually on my blog page, try explaining hermaphrodites to an elderly librarian woman. old people already think I'm weird, that would probably give her a stroke, lol. But work will continue, I have my power back on I'll just have to be smart about how I upload my images. I'll try to do so very soon.

When it rains

     Well I have to take yet another break from rendering, they cut off our power so I can't crank up my desktop right now. We may get it back on in the next couple of days, then it will be back to work. I have almost 50 renders right now, I would like to go back and render a few here and there to fix issues with continuity. When I add the story it will fix it somewhat also. Right now I'm on my laptop using wifi from my phone, god I can't wait to get power back on.

Still working it

     Did some tweaking on my render settings and added some mesh lights, it's looking better but I think that I have some room for improvement. It's too bad Deviant Art is so anal about submissions I could post a few there but people threw fits when I first started. This one chick actually said "Just cause it has deviant in the title, do you think you can post whatever you like", that kinda irritated me. But I read the TOS and she was right so that was my fault, she was just kinda bitchy about it. You live and you learn though right.